HEADWEAR – is it for you?!  My newest experience…

Hi beautiful girlies and boys! How are you all? Is life treating you well?
Okay, so I was wanting to write this as I feel my life is changing in crazy ways that are unexpected!

Before I “wax lyrical” (what does that even mean)…… I have not been asked or paid to write this, nor to promote any companies mentioned – just my wee bald barbie experience shared with you all x


So basically- for anyone who knows me- you will all know that I considered myself a self confessed wig-a-holic! It is true. My bank manager can confirm this expensive addiction!

Soooo…….. I had a massive wig collection, and decided last year at Christmas after receiving my human hair Trendco Diamond from santa….. I was turned……. not to a vampire, no……. just realised that human hair for me is so much more comfortable and just luxurious. So I began to sell a lot of my synthetic wigs (my scalp was breaking out too often)……. and invest in a second Human hair (HH) wig.

Again, another diamond – but different shade. (Amazing price here guys, and i do recommend if you are looking for new hair). Tangent – yep. Right michelle, get on with it!

Quick background of me……. so for me, I go out bald when the mood takes me, or wear head chain jewellery often……. normally, I tend to wear a wig. For me, headscarves and hats were for days when I wanted to cover up, but my skin was too painful for a wig due to my eczema. Headwear was NEVER a first choice for me. I like it, but it was my “backup plan” below pics…… pretty much how I roll!


img_1370So I have bought headwear over the past 2 years – from £2 scarves to £38 “designer hairloss headwear.”   I’ve never found it overly amazing (comfort wise)…. but then – I was buying things that weren’t designed for us bald barbies out in this big world. And we have needs, guys….. we want to be comfortable and look awesome – NOT one or t’other! Yup!

Sooooo…..I was on Instagram, and saw MASUMI HEADWEAR and had read an article about the brand I was intrigued!
Later the same day, I received a message from “Purity headwear by Masumi” asking if I would be willing to try the products and sample them. No obligation, no anything – just try them, and give my honest feedback / suggestions. What do I (Bald Barbie chick) think of the comfort / colours / styles…. yadayada…..

Sooooo, for those of you who know me – I’m a bit of a social media bunny (sometimes)…… and I was so excited! I’d try and give honest feedback and return and that is that….
So a few days later, my hubby goes to the door and Mr Postman delivers a HUGE box of headwear! I felt a bit like a kid at Christmas. However, headwear – I thought – is just my back up option.

So, I began to try the headwear on, and OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It was total luxury!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

I was always (wrongly) of the opinion that companies  marked up headwear ridiculously as a money maker to scam us who have hairloss. Now, from truly examining the headwear, I realise how wrong I was. (Don’t get me wrong, there are companies who you pay for a design and therefore a brand name and so not for the cap styles – that is ok too – but anyhooooo, I’m off at a tangent again!)

So back to MASUMI:

The material is cotton with elastane, or bamboo in the lines. Now…… the cotton feels like silk. I don’t know how on earth these things are made, but:

The material is the most luxurious I’ve felt – ever!

The design of double layer allows versatility with every hat (ideal for any head size)

The “YANNA” is a signature style that allows versatility if you prefer scarf look to hat


The stitching is done in a way that it doesn’t irritate the skin as it is stitched on the inside and there are NO seams against you!

Colour range is phenomenal, and the caps are made that you can style from a mini petite head to large! I don’t even know how this is possible – but it is!

Most of these will fit a mini petite head up to large!



So, I wanted to be totally honest about the products. So, I have been. I’ve managed to find myself now in a position where I am choosing to wear headwear as a first option – even when my skin is fine! This is kind of unheard of for me! And a huge shocker! I swore it wouldn’t ever be a first choice. I LOVE how wrong I was!
Don’t get me wrong, I will always love to wear hair….. but now I have extra options – I can wear a turban or headscarf style hat, or I can wear a pretty “Primrose” hat….. and still feel feminine!

(above is PRIMROSE in blue sky)

If you want to see the range of Headwear, I have made a couple of quick YouTube videos showing the Headwear Hat Range and also the Yanna Scarf and Hat range:

Guys, if you are contemplating any headwear….. please do consider the MASUMI HEADWEAR range…. it is just phenomenal! The “Ellie” style is the softest bamboo I’ve ever felt….. and it is so beautiful to wear…… and highly absorbent cor exercise / heat etc. It can also have a brooch added to pretty it up

There are styles that you can also accessorise and personalise your look – dressy and casual! Amazing! below is the style ROSALIND and I have just added a brooch / accessories….. I know this isn’t everyone’s taste, so I have attached a photo of it in black with no added miche factor……. I have my own individual wacky style….. I’m cool with that haha x heehee

I have attached some photos here for you guys, but I recommend that you check out the headwear on the site, and consider the beautiful masterpieces! My gorgeous friend, Carly has alopecia and owns an amazing business / service….. you can contact carly via her page Alikins Hairloss Solutions….. she ships worldwide and I promise you’ll have an amazing experience…. she can help you with any needs and show you the range of styles.  If you want to buy online with a quick click, my beautiful friends at Simply Wigs also stock the range. Again, amazing service and worldwide shipping! Amaaaaazing!

I love the whole ethos of the AVAKINO brand (Parent company of MASUMI HEADWEAR)….. I love that the team there are so driven to produce better products for us with hairloss and allow us to feel pretty and feminine as well as comfortable. And ask people like me for feedback! Amazing! THEY CARE! I feel a bit like the “Duracell bunny” and get so excited telling everyone and their dogs about my discovering a love of headwear!

Have a look guys, and so consider some beautiful headwear! How crazy that I am a headwear convert?! Never in my wildest dreams did I think this a possibility x
I’ll pop some photos here now, and leave you all in peace for a wee while……. just a wee while though…… as we all know I love a wee chat x

Loads of love, michelle x x x x
Please feel free to check out my YouTube channel if you want to hear my VLOG chat for realsies, and see my make up addiction etc in action x x x link below for you gorgeous guys and gals!x 💗 to you all x

Miche #BaldBarbie YouTube channel

Miche #BaldBarbie INSTAGRAM



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