WIG REVIVAL DIY! Are these ideas just lovely, or loco?!
Hellllooooo my lovely friends!

So I have heard some ideas banded around between my Bald Barbie buddies, and well – I wanted to write a quick wee article on my thoughts.
Firstly, we ALL want to have the longest time from our gorgeous hair……. and we often are willing to try all these suggested ideas. The following is my take on some of the methods out there……. PLEASE PLEASE ensure you know what is just “lovely lovely” and what is (in my opinion) down right loco loco! (Caraaaaazy)!x



🍹 Cocktails? 🍹 NO, silly you! Not that kind of “steaming!” (I’m not up with the young vernacular) haha. Ok seriously…….

So this is a method I have used…… and I do recommend. It is safe when done properly…….. the steam can NOT be overly hot, and the appliance must NOT touch the fibres….. or they will melt.

To steam your wig, you should have a wig steamer. Personally, I have used an alternative steamer (NOT recommended)……. steam is evaporated water – as you know – and this can be so beneficial to your synthetic lack-lustre wigs. They can feel and look brand new when steamed properly, and this method is very safe.

Patience is the key………. small sections of hair a time, and not too close to the appliance you use.

Steam is phenomenal to also style your synthetic wig……. I shall get a wee video on asap for you guys showing me steam curl a long straight synthetic wig! Really! Woopeeeee!

The photo below was my Rene of Paris Amore “Stevie” (fondly called “Stevie baby,” by me).

I steamed Stevie after 6 months as it was fit for wig heaven – gave it totally new life, and I also curled (beach wave) styled with heat! Woooohoooo


so you may – or may not – be aware that some wigs have a silicone coating on them sometimes when you buy them, and this helps them to be smooth and shining and just lovely and soft! Before you run out to buy silicone…….. let us talk, my lovelies!

So over time, as you wash the synthetics – they feel less smooth……. some of the silicone is removed. HOWEVER, if you use an appropriate wig shampoo and conditioner…… this shouldn’t really be an issue……. using a “normal” shampoo and conditioner will remove the coating more quickly.

So you can buy silicone for wigs……. is it good? Hmmmm the jury is out in this one (for me)….

You must know HOW MUCH to apply….. (I know, I’ve tried- and failed – boo boo)

Too much silicone product causes a very dull and lack-lustre heavy feeling wig….. it feels full and just rather yeuuuuuk! It will begging to cling to itself and it’s not fun! Too little has no effect!

So you have the amount sorted. Is it good? Hmmmm I am still undecided…..

If that silicone is close to the top of the cap, the knots will loosen. Easy sorted – don’t apply up there? It’s very difficult to do this properly, with correct amounts. I’m not convinced this is as easy a DIY method as people say.

🔥🔥🔥⚠️⚠️⚠️ JUST NO!

so before you contemplate this: NO NO NO NO NO NOOOO! Just freaking NO! ⚠️NO⚠️

So I mention this, as it is something more people try these days…… and I say DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR WIG! EVER!!!! Ever! Here is why:

Firstly, the products you have to use for this as extremely dangerous if in contact with your skin! Contact dermatitis is likely! So gloves you say? Ok……

Secondly, these very same products are EXTREMELY dangerous for your respiratory system! If you are asthmatic or have any issues…… don’t even contemplate this – unless you have a gas mask and factory ventilation system…… And an anaesthetist to sort out your airway….. and 999 on speed dial! (911 in the USA, or 112 worldwide – you’ll need it!)

Thirdly, I am nuts – I know I am! I am wacky and try most hints…. this method…… even I would NEVER use!!!!

For the wig, michelle – is it good for the wig?x NO! I mean okay, here we go:

Why do people do this:

So it can initially make that synthetic wig look new again. LOOK – not feel.

It removes the outer layer of fibre, and any debris etc on the fibre. The ammonia / bleach will strip that all away……. leaving a new (previously unexposed) layer for you to see!

What this means, is that for a week or two maybe you will have your wig life prolonged.

HOWEVER……… it will matte more quickly, it will die, you have just trashed your fibre! No amount of silicone soak in the world will salvage this.

PLEASE never try this. Even if you are willing to risk the wig going to wig heaven…….. please don’t jeopardise your own health. I do genuinally care about you all, and please please don’t ever put your health at risk.



What I recommend, is USE APPROPRIATE wig products to wash your hair.

Many brands produce shampoo / balsam and all things styling for your hair.

Personally, I adore the Gisela Mayer shampoo and balsam for my synthetic hair!

This really attractive photo of me- I know, I should be a model right? 😂 Hahahaha

I have used steam, and now that I know how to safely do so I love it. Any method you use, be aware it is always at your own risk.

IF you ever hear of a weird and wonderful suggestion – really look in to it or think it through……. don’t assume anything is worth a go as the wig is almost dead anyway…… there are safe ways to rejuvenate! Soaking in Gisela Mayer balsam is AMAAAAZING!x

I hope this has been okay for you guys
Sending all my 💗 and big squeeze hugs! Have any of you trie
methods?Lots of love, michellex x x x x x x x x x x x

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