“My Pal Al”  (opecia)

Soooooo welcome back to another instalment of my crazy!  (See below)

Today, I want to tell you all about my relationship with this “Al” I refer to (yes, it is a condition and I have personalised it…… I’m mental, welcome to my world!) haha x
So, I shall give you more details as time progresses. However, my full on introduction / pairing with Al began 31st July 2015.
I’m not going to lie to you……. when I first experienced the new life with this hair eating monster – I was not best pleased. I was not considering “Al” to be my pal! He sucked! Big time! However, now Al and I have a good thing going – we are inseparable and we are happy. He has brought me joy, and fun! So let’s talk the fun and up sides of “My Pal Al!”

So the first time I had a shower post hair loss…… I came walking down the hall with towel around the body, and second towel around the head. Ross (husband) asked “why do you have a towel around your head?”

I looked at him like he was blatantly stupid for asking……. and in a rather sarcastic voice said “just out the shower – isn’t that apparent?” 

Why a towel round your head?” He persisted in asking.

I realised then……. ”tis not required! Old habits die hard!

Showers for this baldy now take a grand total of 2 minutes! No hair washing (unless I shampoo that straggler on my left big toe) and No shaving! It is amazing g to be “beach body ready” at all times! (Ok, shape wise we can dispute……. hair free though….yay!)

so you know that way people have parties / weddings / celebratory affairs and we have this need to look our best to be in attendance?

Well, for the girly amongst us……. this can be a major stress inducing situation! We have to do our make up / get out and have done our hair / then dress……. we are often frazzled by the time we arrive!

Well, my pal “Al,” realised I was not appreciative of this time juggling malarkey! Now, I can be at home doing my make up as my hairdresser works on my hair……… or I can have had it done in advance! Think “hairy hat” pop it on and go!

“how long did it take to have your hair done, Michelle?” I’ve been asked in the past. “Oh, I don’t know. I wasn’t there” 💃🏻😂 if people do not know you are wearing a wig – check the look of confusion on their face as you say this. 

And also……… when it rains and that gorgeous do get ruined and all the ladies look like drowned rats? NOT YOU! You can pop that hair in your bag, and just sit it back on perfectly once indoors!

Still feel sorry for my bald? I don’t! 😘😋

So, when I had “BIO HAIR” as we (in the alopecia planet) call it……. I was forever messing around. I want it long…… no, short…… no, bob…… no red….. black!

SOLUTION: if AL ever visits you…… you literally have the ability to go from long to short and blonde to black to red in day! It’s amaaaaazing!

Funny story:

So, about a year ago……… I went to collect my kiddies from school……. sporting a long blonde wig. My little girl (Darrah) stood at the door of the school…… I was shouting and waving like the maniac I can be…….. she just stood there.
Darrah’ teacher was clearly concerned at potential “stranger danger,” and looked sternly over in my direction……. Darrah, at this point, recognised her crazy mum and was about to run towards me………. I saw the teacher bend down and whisper to her…… she retorted……. the teacher looked absolutely confused – but let Darrah run out.

I asked Darrah what this conversation had been. She said “my teacher said do I know that lady

I said “yes, it’s mummy. I just didn’t know it was her because she had short black hair this morning!

Note to self: while kids accept their own surroundings as perfectly normal – this is a cause of great confusion for the adults surrounding them, at times! I loved this!🤣

So, I won’t go in to great detail……. as I have covered some of this – and I will be covering g more as time progresses. I have a whole new lot of friends, and I do thank “Al” for introducing me to them.

Not just my Bald Barbie family…….. but pageant pals (Whole other story – yet to come!)…….. and many many more!

This may sound a little crazy, and a little bananas! 🍌 however, I guess I have come to know myself. And really not be frightened to examine the “Real” michelle.

I am a little eccentric and I think I live on a wavelength very different from the majority of mankind…… but I am accepting of that! Of me!

I never liked the person I was, previously. I had this innate need to “people please!” Okay, so that still is with me – it is ingrained a little.

I am, however, more self aware and accepting of the michelle that is michelle! It’s all good!

I know my strengths…… and I know my weaknesses! I have many flaws. And I can be very aggravating at times to many exposed to my crazy…….. but my intentions are always good, and I do try to “tone it down,” around others 😂💃🏻🤣

oooh, so this has NOTHING to do with Alopecia in general. However, my coping strategy and mechanism…….. I wanted to feel more like “ME”

Silly me, I was in here the whole time! I developed a love for makeup. I developed a YouTube obsession in watching the real professionals paint their faces, and I decided I wanted to do that too!

I do not wear make up as a “mask” to hide behind. I admit, that I initially did. I was not happy with me – or confident in myself. I did wear make up to hide behind. To disguise who I was. A lovely, and very intelligent man – let’s call him Si – had words with me about this very matter. And his wisdom gave me real “food for thought”

Yes, I wear some make up at times and look “semi natural.” Sometimes I look full on “drag” and other times – I just look wild and wacky! It is all fun and it has been really great fun for me to experiment! I 💗 to play around.

At the end of the day, it is an outer shell. I am the same me inside the same “Me-Shell” hahaha.

Guys, thank you for reading another wee delve in to the world of crazy that is Michelle!

This is just a little light hearted bit of nonsense, and I hope it makes you smile.
If you, too, have alopecia……… I have decided that an ideal job for us…….. WE SHOULD BE UNDER COVER SPIES!  Now, there is a plan!
All my love, and give yourselves a big hug from me.

Muchos 💗,

Miche #BaldBarbie

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