Eyebrows?! What even IS a #BROWGAME?

EYEBROWS: the nipple of the face”  

(Quoted from my friend Mandy)

So for those “SOCIAL MEDIA BUNNIES,” amongst you all………. if you love scowering Instagram or even YouTube to find the latest make up trend…….. you’ll know that having the perfect #BROWGAME is a bit of a big deal!
So…… what exactly is the best browgame?

Well…….. I’m very much of the opinion that make up is for fun…….. you can emphasise your best features, or just play around and be eccentric and wacky with it! It is make up, it is not the “be all and end all!” The perfect brow: I believe is whatever makes you feel happiest in yourself!
So why am I writing a whole blog on eyebrows? And what on earth was that crazy bananas 🍌 quote at the top of this blog about?!  Nipple of the face? Is she joking?!!!
Well, for any of you peeps there who are blessed with the perfect brow – I’m very jealous! For many of you reading this…… you may have a hair free face like me – not a brow hair in sight!
So for me, with the alopecia, the loss of my lashes was the most challenging aspect of my hairloss. Emotionally.

I know that for many….. the loss of brows can be really upsetting and traumatic. What do you do when you have literally just been left with nothing above the EyeBalls and it’s all just skin?  What are you meant to do when you wash your face and the hairs literally wipe right off of your face?…….
DON’T PANIC! easy for me to say, right?   What you have is a blank canvas to create a work of art! You do! And it is easier than. You think! Trust me……. if I can sketch on a pair of caterpillars……. so can you! 😘

Before I go further, if you prefer to rock the natural look and do not want to add a brow – that is also a perfectly amazing and valid option! It is all about YOU! It is whatever makes you feel most comfortable in yourself. Brows (like hair)….. are an accessory – not a necessity
So here is a photo of me with no brows on the left…… and full make up on the right – definitely changes the old face. But do brows really matter!?!

Again, the answer is personal – if they matter to you – they matter! If they don’t, then they do not matter! It’s all about the beautiful YOU!x


I think that what to do with brows is very personal. If you have lost your brow hair, there are so many options out there. Where do we even begin?
Well, I thought that I’d share some suggestions with you gorgeous guys and gals!
Okay, so I wear a lot of make up. (like a whole tonne)…….That isn’t to everyone’s taste. I tend to usually have very bold brows……. but there is occasion where I do opt for a more natural look.
So before we go on, I’ll let you guys know – I have semi permanent brows. This is a process whereby an SPMU (Semi Permanent Make Up) artist uses a specialised tattoo machine to deposit pigment below the epidermis to create a semi permanent tattoo of a brow…….. these can be bold block style brows / ombré brows / hairstrokes. If you opt for this option….. make sure you’re 100% happy with who is going to do the work – it is your face!
If you have alopecia, it is worth noting that often the skin will be slightly tougher than in the average person at the hair free area……. so always make sure your artist has experience in Working with others who have alopecia.
So my brows – well mine are very faded, and I’m mid process of having mine erased to be recreated. However, that is a whole other story in itself which I shall do a Diary progress of in the future!


BROW GEL: so a very popular product used that you may have seen / heard of is the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS dip brow POMMADE…… this is a pot of gel, and can give very natural or very bold looking brows. It dries to waterproof finish, and I 💗 this as it is so versatile. I use for bold brows / ombré and for creating artificial looking hairsteokes (or a combo of the three). When many people hear about dip brow – they think “Sharpie” style permanent marker brows! NOOOOO, they can be done so naturally!

Here is an example of the DIP BROW in action


So another product that many use……. brow powder! Powder, you say? Now how on earth does that work????
I have tried many brands on the market, but being 100% honest…… my favourite for long lasting and easy to use…… it HAS to be the ELLEN WILLE BROW POWER!
Not only does the brow power have the actual power to stay on……. I find it looks very soft and natural…… and……. for those novices (or people like me who really appreciate a little extra help)…… it comes with very easy to use stencils…… and a double ended brush for application! Amazing!!!!!
What I have been known to do, is to apply “LIPCOTE” lipstick sealant over the top to absolutely waterproof these brows…… the end result, I truly 💗 adore! I shall pop a photo of me wearing the brow power below……… and a video to let you see the product in action……

To watch the video on application, just click HERE. And trust me – if I can do it, you can!


There are so many products on the market. So pencils can be used to fill in patchy gaps, to create a bold brow from scratch…….. OR do lots of fine individual hair strokes to create a very natural soft look!
The concern and worry I hear from people – what if it runs off? And yeah……. I will tell you……/ I’ve been working and very warm and sweating and wondered why I get crazy looks from people…… then looked in a mirror and seen brows rubbed from forehead to chin! Woopsy daisies!!!! So do you avoid pencils? Not at all! If you like the look of a pencil…….. your best friend can be LIPCOTE! A layer of this over any brow and you are fixed for the day!!!!
So what pencil? Well many friends of mine rant and Rave about the Anastasia Beverly Hills…… or the Benefit products.
Personally, I’ve had just as good a result from the RIMMEL eyebrow pencil – and it leaves your purse with that little extra to go buy a treat! When I’ve used pencil…… I’ve used it for very bold brows, but it works beautifully for fine natural look too. Below shows the bold effect….


IS this a real thing?! WHY, YES! These fabulous little “Eyeball wigs” (as I call them) do indeed exist…… I have seen them in action, and boy do they look SO natural!
I have never tried these, but I have seen others sport their eyeball wigs and you would never know they are not naturally growing! Very beautiful and realistic!
You can take a look at the many styles available from DIMPLES via this link HERE (simply wigs website).

These can be reused many times. While they may seem pricey upfront……. due to the longevity, they are as cost effective as many alternative products – and without the fuss of designing your own shape…… stick and go!


ANOTHER concept which is very new to me, and I have only recently discovered……. eyebrow tattoo transfers!!!
So I purchased a pack of these…… as yet, I’ve not tried……. but I’m amazed at how wonderful and yet simple an idea they are! And how fab they look! I feel them calling me to try pronto!
Do you remember being a wee youngster in your prime, and having those transfers you wet the back of….. remove the wettened side and have a cool Spider-Man / hulk / my little pony on your arm? Well think this…… but for the brows!
These are ridiculously cheap, and when I’ve seen on people – lookfab! So many styles and shapes out there too!!!! You can click to go to the simplywigs site and have a nosey at the styles!!! Just click HERE to go and view! My plan of action is to chop mine and just use the front hair strikes and use my dipbrow for the tails!


soooooo……. once you have decided upon a product…… what on earth do you do? How do you draw on brows without having upside down “NIKE ” style ticks?! How do you ensure they are even? Aaaarghhbhhhh!!!!!

No one wants to walk around looking like life just confuses them and they have a constant quizzical look – although, that could be a fun thing! I may try that one day just for fun! Enough of my nonsense!
…..Okay, well if you feel clueless…….. I find the Ellen wille brow power is a good starter…… as you have stencils.

However, if you are not using that product – there are easy steps to guide you in drawing that perfecto brow…….. whether fine and defined / refined……. or whether you want to rock that full Cara DeLavine style bold brow….. YOU CAN DO IT! 

I will at this point insert a wee video of “HOW TO” for application of Brows / Lashes / Liner…… in case it is of help to anyone…….


The brows are first item in the video (2 mins 45sec in).


1. START OF BROWSo mark straight up from edge of nostril with a pencil……. directly upwards…… START of brow.

2. ARCH OF BROW: outer edge of pupil if looking straight ahead

3. END OF BROW: holding a pencil……. have it run from nostril…… pointing towards ear but following the shape of your lower lid past corner of eye………. that’s how far out your brow should roughly go.
The above is a very simple and basic starter guide. It is very dependent on what you like, and what you feel works for you and makes you feel happy!
Some like a thin brow, some like thick…… some like arch, others like straight…….. some are maybe like me….. and it depends what day of the week it is, and how you feel that very day! X
I’ve had some pretty crazy brow mishaps in my time (even before the alopecia)……… the truth (in my opinion) is that you need to do what makes YOU happy and what you like!
A friend did once say “eyebrows are the nipple of the face” and it’s a quote I constantly giggle at…… and do think of every day as I style myself some brows!! Always makes me giggle a little!
So that was a little more from me – not the most exciting post, but one I felt I thought I’d share since sleep currently evades me!x
I shall be back with a wee documentation of “MY BROW JOURNEY” and my semi permanent make up brows (which I do love, as even when I can’t be bothered with make up – I now have some brows – always on – and ready to go) I am mid journey with it at the moment, so I will keep you all updated as I go!
Until next time, amigos!

Muchos 💗 Love,

miche #BaldBarbie

x x x x x x x x x x x x.

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