HOW TO: Tie Your Headscarves

Hi guys,

Just me again! So I decided to wear a head scarf yesterday (for the first time in soooo long)……. as I’m taking a trip this weekend, and have all of my gorgeous MASUMI HEADWEAR (Purity Headwear by Masumi) all packed up……

……… for the moment, I can’t tell you why I am packing up my clothes and jewellery and headwear – but it is all so very exciting! And I can’t wait to share with you all very soon!x

Super quick headscarf look (video tutorial to come)



soooo….back to headscarves!

So I have a wee “bald as an egg” head…… and I’m in Scotland……. so brrrrrr it gets a little chilly on the wee bald napper / heid (head)!  It needed come covering to protect me from Jack Frost! ❄️ ☔️ ❄️
So I have packed my headwear, and yesterday wore a wig for a while….. but my eczema on my scalp was awful…… so I went digging through my scarves! (Forgot how many I have!)

It’s soooo massive! This is my attractive snap from the tutorial! 😜
Another video snap from back for the look!

FINDING FORGOTTEN TREASURES!  (OOOO ARRRRR that sounds like I’m a pirate 💰)

soooooo…… I found this jersey material HUGE scarf……. which I ordered (click HERE to go to if you like)  from! It is actually a hijab / abaya, scarf…… but it works for me…… and is not quite as amazing as the Masumi Headwear (Purity Headwear by Masumi)…… HOWEVER, it is lovely and let me play for a while!


So with headscarves – there are so many different things that you can do……. so many ways to tie……

personally, I like the sides to always be fairly flush with my head, but I prefer either : volume on top……. or else some ruching……..
so this is just a quick look that “Happened” and a lot of gorgeous fellow alopecians wanted to know how I achieved this… so I thought I’d make a wee video for you lovelies.

First off….. this was the finished look……. then I will attach the VIDEO

This is the look!



OPTIONS, OPTIONS!……Blooming too many options!

There are so many ways to tie a headscarf! I have been known to go out with a big massive bow at the front of my head. Or a swirl….. and I have in the past used padding for under – this look is great for adding volume without the hassle of padding (which I call my plant pot!)
Truth be told…….. yes, I’ve even used socks underneath! Hahaha don’t ask! I’m a little wacky!……

My daughter and I….. and YES, there are SOCKS inside the front of this headscarf!


Before I give you some links to other tutorials, funny story…….. so a couple of years ago, we were In England on holiday (tropical in comparison to not-so-sunny Scotland)…… and I had a couple of headscarves……. I didn’t want to wear them “Normally”…….. and my first PUBLIC EPIC FAIL was in the 🚗 car after bowling……. I felt great having tied a big bow in my headscarf……. turned around to show the kids (hubby driving) and the 2 eldest said in synchrony “YOU LOOK LIKE ‘MALEFICENT” aaaargh! Funny thing is – they were right…… please hold for proof 😂

Magnificent or Maleficent?!

It is all fun, and it takes some practice at times to learn how best to wear your headscarves. I don’t even know how many times I had them falling off in the first few wears – if only I had thought to ask someone for advice – or check YouTube! Silly michelle! #BaldBarbieBrain


BASIC STYLES : tutorials 

If you guys want to see another couple of my tutorials, I’ve got very basic (sorry for the filming quality – it was done before I had any equipment) styles that look good but easy to achieve!

  • 20160328_134856
    Basic scarf style


    Rose style thing 🌹

    “rose” style tying

🌹 ROSE STYLE tutorial for headscarves 


🌹 BOW STYLE tutorial for headscarves 

🌹 PADDED SCARF tutorial for headscarves 


For those of you who know me……… you will know that I have developed an addiction recently to Purity Headwear by MASUMI. I have written about this – so won’t go in to detail (you can read the other article HERE).
My personal favourite and recommendation for just now…….. if you 💗 all of the fancy styles you can achieve with a scarf, and 💗 that versatility……. I recommend the YANNA from Purity Headwear by MASUMI it is basically a hat, and a scarf that comes with it and is complimentary to the headwear you have…… and you can have so many different looks with that one piece of headwear.
I shall attach a video of the current YANNA colours, and a tutorial for you on ways to tie the YANNA.

To buy the YANNA, I recommend ALIKINS HAIRLOSS SOLUTIONS or else Simply Wigs

🌹 YANNA Colour Options Video

🌹YANNA: How to style – tutorial

Some options for styling your YANNA

So guys, I shall get more videos on my YouTube as soon as I can if you want to see more styling options with headscarves? There are so many possibilities. And I promise – it is easy when you know how….. practice makes perfect – any other cliche you can think of!!!!
Loads of 💗 to you all,

Miche #BaldBarbie

x x x x x x x x x x
p.s. Please do subscribe to my YOUTUBE and let me know anything I can do that may be of help x


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