3 scarves make a wrap?

Hi my beautiful friends!!!
Three scarves make a wrap? What is this crazy girl talking about now?
Mmmmmm I 💗 wraps – chicken, cheese, onion and sweet corn! Yum!
Okay, so I actually mean head wrap, rather than tortilla wrap! (I 💗 my food!)
So I was playing around a few days ago, after having written my last blog post on head scarf tying….. and I decided to be adventurous and crazy / creative …….. to see what would happen!!!
So the adventures of michelle “monkeying around,” resulted in some awesome fun looking styles……… one of which, a lot of my gorgeous fellow alopecian friends loved…….. so here is a wee ditty on what you need to do!
Silly me…….. I need to attach a photo for you all….. so this is my crazy creation…….

This may look complicated, or like I am very talented…… but the truth is……… it is very easy to achieve this look……… and I am here to let you know how to!!!
The great thing with this…….. you choose any colours you like…….. plain or patterned……. it’s all about YOU! 💗💙😘


🌹 3 scarves (measuring approx 180cm x 80cm)

🌹 a mirror (to see your gorgeous self and creation)

🌹 patience (in case you are like me…. and it takes a few attempts)

🌹okay, so I wanted to try write this as a step by step guide…….. However, I feel a video may be more beneficial…….

……. So here comes my crazy chat…… and please do have fun trying it out with me!!!! (And let me know how you get on!)

As always, you’re amazing and beautiful!

Please please let me know if any of you try this out or found this helpful x
Lots of Love, and massive hugs,

Miche #BaldBarbie


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