My friend….. Anna

Okay, so this is another blog post inspired by someone else…….. and it is someone that most of you won’t know……… it is about my beautiful friend, Anna!
So this is (maybe) going to be short and sweet…….. I have just had an absolutely amazing (although very tiring) weekend with my gorgeous, beautiful, kind and wonderful friend. πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ€πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ (I’m the crazy pink face emoji)
For those of you who know me, you will know that lately I have been a little unwell. I’ve not been making it out of the house, and I am currently living with my parents part of the week whilst the hubby is at work – as I’m not fit for anything, really. However, that is a whole other story for another day!x
So I can’t go in to many details at the moment (although I have soooooo much that is exciting to tell you all very soon)……. however, I can tell you that I spent the weekend with my amazing dadio (my dad)………. and with Anna, her fiancΓ© Ali……. and met some new friends too!
So Anna!…… I have only known Anna for a couple of months………. and again, I have my alopecia to thank for this! Another “blessing of the bald”

My dad, Ali, Anna… and me (sitting, as I am a bit pooped)

I am not going to write a huge amount of details about Anna, but rather – I wanted to write about things that I have been thinking of lately, and attributes she has, that have really inspired me……. and really given me cause for contemplation!
This girl is clearly beautiful as you can all see from the above photo….. BUT….what you can notΒ see in the photo is her radiant and resplendent inner beauty. πŸ˜‡
I have met so many people in my life. So many people have touched my life in very special ways. Anna has become a very good friend in a very short space of time, and I have so much admiration, love and respect for her.
It is difficult to explain so much at present, and it will be easier as time progresses. I have been thinking a lot about characteristics. About personality traits. Thinking about how wonderful it is that we are all so incredibly different…….. how complex we – as humans – are.
I am a Christian (not a great one, I will admit), and my beliefs and faith I have ……. they play a big part in who I am. However, whether you believe in God or any deity, or whether you do not – whatever you believe…… don’t you think it’s really amazing how great and wonderfully diverse and complex people are? Yes, we all have difficult characteristics – and no one is perfect……… but I am just fascinated by people. We are a strange and super species! We can learn so so very much from each other!
Lately, I have been reflecting on many things in my life. I have seen such kindness and such love in Anna. I have met a woman with such a pure and good heart…….. a woman who lives to help and inspire others, and yet a woman who does not recognise the impact she imparts upon so many.
In life, sometimes some really rotten things happen to us. That is something that is usually beyond our control, and there can seem no rhyme nor reason to anything.
I know so many see me as such a positive person – and I do try to be………. but believe me, I am a total moany Pain-In-The-Ass at times! (PITA score 10/10 πŸ˜‚) Yes, I really am! Ask my kids πŸ˜‚ (especially in the mornings……. ooooh I am not a morning person!)

As you can see – I πŸ’— mornings πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I have to admit, I am so so lucky! I have a good life, and really I am so grateful for what I have. I do moan and complain a lot when really I shouldn’t! Anna has had me thinking…….. without going in to details or divulging anything that is not my place to tell………. she is just incredible. Ill health that would have so many of us feeling hard done by – she has really used as a positive thing to help others……… she is constantly looking to help and encourage other people, and that is just so admirable.


I’ve been thinking about what makes people like Anna so special. And then I realised…… I don’t know other people like her. There is just something that I can’t quite put my finger on……. a purity that shines out……. and while I am not certain of what makes it so, rather than try to spend hours “analysing” I am just thankful and grateful to have someone special like her in my life.
I have been thinking about all of my family and friends – and really thinking how amazing they are. So many have qualities I admire very much…….. I aspire to be a better person……. and I’m privileged to know so many special people and be able to learn from them…… to grow as a person.
I guess without writing a huge sickly post (or a more huge one)…… I guess my thinking is so…… I believe that everything does happen for a reason…….. I believe that each person who comes in to our lives – it is for a reason…… sometimes that is not always a positive experience we encounter……. however, we can learn from the harder times. I believe that sometimes we meet someone so different that really stands out to us…….. we see something that we maybe can’t quite identify. What we can do though, is really take the time to actually appreciate all we have as a friend in that person.
I guess that is what I am realising and thinking about – and have been of late. Anna to me is an inspiration for many reasons. Thinking about the characteristics and qualities she has, has made me think more about people in general. I am so appreciative and thankful for those who play a part in my life.
The fact that you guys are reading this, although you don’t know my friend – I’m sure many of you have friends yourself that really do inspire you, or have qualities that you respect and look up to……… and what about you? Do you realise what amazing qualities you have? Because I guarantee you have so many………. and even though you may not see them in yourself……. I bet that you are an “Anna” to someone else.
So many of us struggle with things at times…… such is life. Life is hard! It can be so ridiculously difficult at times – whether due to physical or mental health / finances / relationships…….. but no matter what…….. every one of us is so so different. Yet every one of us can learn and grow – that to me is so important.
Each of us has amazing qualities……. and some not so amazing I know……… but if you are having a hard time at all……. go to a mirror and look at yourself. Please try to tell yourself one positive thing about yourself. Think about something you like about yourself. I guarantee there is someone out there who knows you and thinks so so much of you….. even if you can’t see that right now.
This is all very random and jumbled, but it Β is a little snippet in to some more of my thinking.
Anna, if you happen to read this – thank you for being you……. don’t ever try to be anyone else……. just always keep being you! And for everyone else who may read this…….. just be the best you……. because YOU are pretty amazing!
I am trying to be the best me, and to learn from each of my friends…… to grow as a person.
My chest tattoo says “SPERO MELIORA” which means “I aspire to greater things,” and this is my motto in life. I strive to improve and be a better me.
I πŸ’— when friends remind me of this…… just by being their very own selves!
Thanks so much guys for reading again. I will be back with some more musings very soon!
I’m so excited, as I’ll be writing about some wigs very very soon! It is a very exciting brand and collection that I am going to be reviewing and writing about! So if you’re interested in wigs and hair and the likes…….. stay tuned x x x
Until next time,

Lots of love and big hugs,

Miche #BaldBarbie



  1. And THAT my darling is how we see YOU!!! An Anna, a total breath of fresh air and a HUGE inspiration to us all!!!
    Beautiful words as always that really had me welling up! And so very very heartfelt and true. I am grateful to our pal Al for bringing you and lots of other very special people into my life. Love you sweetie, now rest and recuperate and I look forward to the next installment. Sarah JB XXxX

    Liked by 1 person

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