Eyeliner / Brow / Lash handout


So this wee handout / flyer is in association with an amazing charity called AUTOIMMUNE ALOPECIA RESEARCH UK (AAR-UK), and the phenomenal headwear company, MASUMI Headwear (formerly known as Purity Headwear by Masumi)

So the beautiful Nicola from AAR-UK has asked for some top tips on head scarves and makeup, and the FIRST RULE for all – There are NO RULES!!! It is all about YOU! but here are some handy hints!
MAKEUP handout:


If you have no lashes, and want to disguise this – or feel you want to look more like your  previous hairy eyed self….. there are 2 main options that i tend to use – eye liner……or false lashes. First, I tend to sort my brows!



– There are so many products, and it is your choice whether you want bold or natural look

– pencils are ideal for getting to grips with. I recommend the Rimmel Eyebrow pencil:

– it’s one of the cheapest and most effective whether shading or drawing hair strokes

– to waterproof this, try a layer of “LIPCOTE” to prevent smudging

– if you have NO IDEA where to start with the shape of a brow – I’ve inserted a quick photo

to show where to map out start of brow, arch and end.

…. or else try using stencils:

– Ellen Wille Brow Power is a powder medium that is phenomenal! This is available from Alikins hairloss solutions.

– the stencils it comes with are so so natural and make doing your brows a 2 min job

– the powder leaves a very natural look, and it is the one product i always receive compliments on

– if you want a bold brow, or if you want to try out ombre look or mix methods – i  recommend the Anastasia beverly hills dip brow pomade for a waterproof and amazing brow. (It’s what I have used in the photos above)

you can draw hairstrokes, have a feint brow or heavy.

warning: if you are not experienced with using a gel based product – be careful as if you apply too much, you can have the “sharpey brow” look! It’s all about what YOU like, so always do what makes YOU happy! 💗👌🏻


– so there are GELS, LIQUID, PENCIL and where do you start?

– if you have never tried liquid liner before, i recommend a quick drying liquid and easy to work with liner  (for example the Kat Von D tattoo Liner – it is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE) – for a natural look, just follow your lash line and coat it in liner – no need for wings (unless  you want to)

– if you feel the black line is too harsh in colour; try a brown liner

– if you want a more smokey (fuzzy) look rather than a sharp harsh line, try eyeliner pencil


so the number one issue most have is either discomfort, or else inability to hold

– I have sensitive eyes, so I buy a separate glue (REVLON)

– choosing your lashes (ardell are amazing, as are PRIMALASH)

1. What you need: lashes and glue!

2. whether you want natural or full on drama….. ALWAYS ensure they FIT! comfort! hold the lashes up to your eye – if they are too long, trim the outer side of the last

3. For me (with no lashes) I apply the glue directly to my lash liner over my eye liner

– ALWAYS wait for the glue to become tacky (stops sliding lashes)

– My glue applies blueish white, and becomes colourless as it is becoming tacky…

4. once the glue is tacky, grab some tweezers to hold your lashes and apply

– I apply from the inner corner and point my lashes upwards (so applying from top down!

YOU CAN apply lower lashes…… in the picture you can see I’ve just drawn some on with my Kat Von D tattoo liner! VOILA!


Quick Video:

BROW, LINER, LASH tutorial video




Hope this is helpful for all of you gorgeous girlies and guys out there. Whether you go au naturale, or play with make up and accessories……. just do what makes you happy! That is the most important thing x
If you guys have time, please pop over to the AutoImmune Alopecia Research website, or social media pages……. I’ll link them here:
Website: http://www.aar-uk.org/Welcome/

Facebook: http://bit.ly/AARukFacebook

Instagram: http://bit.ly/AARukInstagram

Twitter: http://bit.ly/AARukTwitter

Lots of love, Michelle x

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