Wig Cap Construction

Hellooooo my lovely friends!

Sooooo, I just wanted to write a wee article here that I hope proves to be informative for you all! And the subject for today – WIG CAP CONSTRUCTION!!! I have a little Video that you guys can watch if interested – although, I realise that I talk A LOT, and it may be preferential to just read!

When I was new to the world of wigs (let’s call it ‘Wigtopia)….. there was so much jargon banded around from Permatease, to “Monofilament,” to Hand Tied, and “Lace Front!”…..Being honest,  it was all very bamboozling to me!

Wig caps were far from important to me on the beginning of my wig wearing journey……. I would choose the hair style I loved, and was oblivious to the differences cap style made! Surely caps are similar? Wrong, Michelle- just wrong! Haha x

Nowadays, I have owned so many wigs that I have learned very much……but in a very expensive way. Wig caps guide my choice in hair now! So rather than you gorgeous girlies and guys learning the expensive way that I did, I hoped that I could impart a little of the wacky Michelle chat to aid in the learning about wigs!

As per usual, I shall insert photos along with the article to follow…… a quick fire summary initially, and in each section; further examples! Please enjoy the madness that is Michelle! x x X x



  • all different descriptions of the basic wig cap, which is generally made of many wefts which are machine sewn together to form a cap shape.
  • No parting for the scalp skin to show through….. generally these consist of a “permatease” top….I find this to be no issue with short pixie type styles….. on bobs and longer I find these tend to fluff / frizz after a short time period (around the parting and crown)…and to me, these are quite obviously “wiggy”.


  • Normally, there is a net crown serving the purpose of holding the machine wefted hair in place to maintain volume
  • Ear tabs are normally always present and are mouldable to shape….. normally I find they are net covered on these wigs.
  • Wefting section at the sides and back of the hair is the norm here…… ok so here is my issue: I HATE wefts….. I find that my eczema Is problematic when the synthetic fibres are felt through the airy spaces on a wetted cap.
  • HOWEVER, this is purely Personal Preference, and many people LOVE wefts, as they are cooler for many and allow air through. Personally, I found these great when I had partial hair loss. Now with total hair loss, I am less keen. This is totally just my individual preference. And for those of you like me…… a bamboo wig liner under your wig solves the irritation problem! Problems?…..Sorted!

MONOFILAMENT: (parting / partial, or top)

  • ok so what is monofilament? Easiest way to explain….. a very fine lace type material that has the hairs individually hand tied to show scalp through, and look totally realistic when you part the hair.


  • So the full cap is not monofilament…… you often have a mono-parting, or else monofilament top (with either a hand tied or wefted sides and back)
  • MONOFILAMENT partings look natural but can’t change parting…… these are more affordable than mono top
  • Monofilament top…. the whole top section of the wig is monofilament….. this allows you to change the parting anywhere the monofilament exists, giving the appearance of hair coming from your own scalp.
  • Double monofilament: Alrighty, so with monofilament….. I did say each hair at that section is handtied- the wee knots can occasionally rub against the scalp….. double monofilament is beautifully soft as a silky layer is added between the monofilament and your own scalp! very clever indeed! The double mono makes no real difference in appearance, but adds to comfort! always a winner in my opinion! I personally LOVE amore range by Rene of Paris for their double mono top, and also the Trend GEM Collection Human hair for double monofilament!


  • ok so what is this malarky with “Lace front” chat?  Basically, it was the general rule of thumb that the majority of wigs didn’t have a lace front…. if you try to pull the hair away from your face…… it isn’t great…. as you see a straight and obvious wig line.


  • Lace front wigs have a totally transparent lace on the front (often Swiss lace, sometimes French)……..with some hairs tied in….. this gives the most natural appearance and is truly phenomenal! The Ellen Wille “HAIR SOCIETY” range is absolutely amazing for a truly natural lace hair front. The Jon Renau Smart Lace range is another of my favourite when it comes to discussing lace fronts for the ultimate natural appearance!


  • So are you guys still with me? Hopefully I haven’t bamboozled you TOO MUCH yet!!!!
  • Let us now chat “hand tied”….. personally this is the absolute ultimate comfort in a wig cap, and always wins for me hands down!
  •  These style caps often have a monofilament top and lace front incorporated to their magic……. I genuinely believe these are best for those with total hair loss….. if you have some hair, you may find that they are hot!
  • I find hand tied caps to be cooler and more comfortable though as a bald woman! I also love the benefit of being able to wear up and style and have a more natural look!
  • For synthetic wigs, I absolutely recommend the ELLEN WILLE HAIR SOCIETY range!!! You can buy these via ALIKINS HAIRLOSS SOLUTIONS
  • For Human hair, I personally recommend the ELLEN WILLE PURE POWER range – ultimate luxury!!! I have a review on the OBSESSION and EMOTION wigs you can view to really see the benefit of these wigs! again available by emailing info@alikinswigs.co.uk or visiting ALIKINS website
  •  I do have another wig en route to me soon which is custom made by one of my fave brands……. I am sure there will be a post to follow! Please hold for some awesome in the near future!

I hope this has been beneficial to you beautiful girlies and boys! Wigs can be expensive, and I have learned the rather pricey way…….. there is no exact right or wrong in a wig cap from an objective stance…… it is all very subjective. For me, the most comfortable and the most natural look is fully hand tied, lace front, monofilament top with silicone grippers…… HOWEVER, due to the workmanship involved in these…… the price point is high!

Personally, I feel that the longevity with high quality human hair on this cap construction tends to last me so much longer than a synthetic standard wig cap…… and cost over the year tends to be comparable for a MUCH higher quality wig. However, I understand that financially having money up front is difficult at times.

I have a WIG PLAYLIST  you can view to see some of my reviews (more to come soon)

I shall post the video on wig cap construction for you guys here, and a link to my wig playlist for reviews etc on my youtube channel.


Thanks again for reading guys,

sending so much love and big squeezy hugs to all!

lots of love,


AKA: MicheMoffatt#BaldBarbie

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