Life is Precious

Hello my gorgeous friends!

So I am just thinking: pondering the goings on in this big world around me….. contemplating the many things happening at present, and just appreciative of all that I am blessed with in this wonderful life!

My parentals kind of rock!
Me, Dadio, Mothership
hubster and me (mr Bald Barbie)
My 4 BESTEST creations x

So for those of you who know me, you will know that the last few months health wise have physically been a struggle for me……. without going in to crazy detail……. asthma + pneumonia landed me in Intensive Care on life support just before Christmas, and again at the beginning of March this year (2017)…….

I am slowly recovering, but physically drained…. however, everything around me seems so much more beautiful than I previously realised! I 💗 LOVE life!

Breathing in the fresh air and hearing the birds sing……. all a little cliché? Maybe!…… However, I realise that life is so precious and so fragile……
I believe that we are here in this world for only a short time…… that we have an eternity ahead of us……. I believe that we were created for a purpose, and often I find myself searching for meaning and wondering what I can do, and what I am here for. 

For me, silent contemplation and being alone in nature is very peaceful, relaxing, and a very spiritual time to open my mind and pray……. to not just look, but to SEE the creation around me and just silently take in the beauty, And what I believe to be the love shown to us from above in creating a world so beautiful for us.
I am very blessed, and I have so much to be thankful for. I have the most amazing, funny, wacky, and eccentric children- so good hearted, and every day I’m amazed by each of them!

My wacky wee humans! The miniatures!x


Am I a perfect mummy? NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! I make mistakes, And I lose my temper and shout when people bicker. I’m trying to improve the person I am…… to be the person I want and need to be…….. to try to rid my mind of selfish and negative thoughts…… to open my heart to love others more, and really be thankful for the many blessings I have. I do have so many!

So this may seem very vague, and random ramblings. However, it is what is on my mind at this time….. and I felt I would share!
There are some really exciting things happening very soon, and I can’t wait to share my news with you all!
I am also mid tattoo and I will share some of that with you guys very soon!
I have fought with the dilemma of whether tattoos are morally right or wrong for a good while….. and that is a whole other story in itself! I shan’t bore you with that at present!!!! If you know me, you can likely surmise that my conclusion was that tattoos are merely physical body art, and I believe there is no moral absolute with them (in my mind) x

My tattoos are all very personal….. most people see them and think that they are just chosen for design. Yes, I like the designs. However, they were all chosen for a very deep and personal meaning (symbolism and all that jazz) and I don’t tend to divulge too much information regarding this……
I feel that soon I want to talk about my latest Work in progress (it’s 3 full day sittings for the work, so it isn’t yet complete!) I shall write very soon about that, and fill you all in on my new happenings too!x in the mean time…. a sneaky peek!x….
Sneaky peek here of some of the work!
Sending all of my 💗 to you all!
Have a wonderful day today, and remember: you’re beautiful and unique – no one is you, and you are truly special and a gift to this world!x
Loads of big cuddles,

michelle x x x


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