BRAND AMBASSADOR! #Masumi headwear

Hi guys, it’s just me again!

Soooooo…… I am absolutely excited / honoured / privileged and a little bit ecstatic to be able to let everyone know…… I have been asked to be BRAND AMBASSADOR for an amazing and wonderful company……. MASUMI headwear!

(Can’t resist but to share some pics of the weekend – all credit for these to ANTON MELLOR, the gifted photographer – wow, such s wonderful guy!)
dsc_5982 copydsc_6219 copydsc_6177 copyimg_6768
So as I mentioned in a past blog……. I was approached back at the start of the year and asked to try out some headwear and give feedback…….. one thing led to another, and back in March……. I went to Manchester to meet the amazing Anna and Ali of AVAKINO / MASUMI Headwear.

The weekend was incredible, and I had a photo shoot / videos were recorded…… I got to know the beautiful Anna and Ali – and really be able to call them friends! The vision from Ali (owner of the AVAKINO brand)……. was to empower women with hairloss. This is the beginning of that vision…..

I sat and spoke (a lot)…was asked a couple of questions on video….. me being my usual crazy, talkative self……. I just ended up blethering away, and the amazing Jonathan Boothby (brilliant and talented videographer)…… managed to put this video together…….. it isn’t about advertising or sales……. it was to empower and encourage others with hairloss to feel beautiful in themselves, and to love who they are inside. Who you are is BEAUTIFUL and so SPECIAL!

I am not a fan of seeing myself on video, normally (although I know many are shocked by this, as I video a lot!) However, I was so happy with how Jonny had managed to turn my crazy chat in to something wonderful!x

Jonathan had filmed whilst the photo shoot was happening, and the videos you see……. are the outcome! Such a talented guy, and really so much fun and absolutely put me at ease throughout – as did Anton, the incredible photographer! It was such a special weekend, and only just the beginning!

I believe that MASUMI as a brand are just phenomenal, and the headwear is an absolute game changer for us with hairloss!
I am absolutely delighted to have the honour of being Brand Ambassador. It is truly wonderful! I believe this is the start of a new, incredible journey!

I look forward to being able to share this with you all along the way!
Lots of love,



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