WIG TIPS: Hide the Hand Tied Knots

Hey beautiful girlies and guys!


So I was thinking about things that I have heard people discuss of late. Some fellow alopecia friends have stated that they are wary about rooted or darker wigs as the “hand tied knots” cause a dotted appearance along the parting.


I was thinking about the emotions that can come when wearing a wig. I realised – the main thing for most of us…… it is how WE FEEL in ourselves. We want the wig to look as natural as is possible. Not for it to be apparent to others.


As much as no-one else is aware of hand tied knots, if it is something that we are aware of – it is going to affect how we feel. And I am a firm believer in the fact that YOU ARE MOST IMPORTANT in your journey!


You need to feel comfortable in your own skin, and in your beautiful hair.


I discovered that if a wig has a monofilament top or parting, and you feel it looks “doll like” or false along there – then you can actually disguise this pretty easily…… what you need:


  1. Foundation (preferably matte full coverage…..a cheap one is Loreal Infallible Matte)
  2. Wig of choice with monofilament top / parting
  3. A spare 5 minutes


Simply, brush a fine layer of foundation evenly along the parting from inside of the wig. Don’t go too hard with the application!


I have a little video here for you guys if you want to see a quick demo!

Hope this has helped a little for you all.


Loads of love, and big hugs,


x x x x x



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