DIMPLES HAIR – The BRONZE Collection – my experience!

Hello my gorgeous girlies and boys!

I’m very excited and before I write more….. can I just bombard this with photos of the Wigs…….


SOOOOOOO I guess I must write this little article for you all. I have been very honoured to have the opportunity to be sent some complimentary wigs, with the purpose being to review and give feedback to the brand…… with the intention being to benefit us consumers and end users of wigs.  woohoo! x



So how did this come about? Well, I review wigs on youtube (as you may or may not know)………. and I have been so blessed to have been sent wigs by a few companies now.


Before I go any further, I will say at this point…….. this is a wee article just about the BRONZE wigs which I have tried – I want to dedicate an article to BRONZE. There will be more to come on other ranges by Dimples – coming very soon, to a blog near you 😜😘! …….However, let’s jump in to some chat on these wee gorgeous beauties!




So dimples asked me to choose a wig, and I was honoured to be sent the “ADELE” wig to review for them. Adele is a wig which is 100% human hair, and is part of their “BRONZE” Collection. The Bronze collection is a human hair range with a blend of Indian and Chinese Remy hair.

The lighter shades have a higher proportion of Chinese hair, whereas the darker shades have a higher percentage of Indian Blend. So, I chose a beautiful shade called “Roasted Vanilla Caramel Rooted” and the review you can see below.


Before we get to the review, a quick summary on this hair – I ALWAYS ensure I have done two washes on a human hair wig to give a fair review regarding quality. This ensures that any silicone coating is removed, and I can see what I am left with! this also means that YOU can see a true reflection of the hair x


This hair seems to be so luxurious. The FEATHER cap is fully hand tied with double monofilament top, and silicone over the crown. The ear tabs have polyurethane.


The hair is long, and beautiful. The lace front is extremely natural, and the wig is very well made (in my opinion). On washing, due to the Indian hair in the wig, there is a little kink to the texture – the quality though is fantastic! I particularly love the density of this wig, and it feels so like my own hair did before it packed it bags and said “adios!”

So to ensure consistency I was then asked to choose a colour and I was kindly given a “MARINA” human hair wig (Thank you SO MUCH, Dimples!)




Marina is also part of the BRONZE collection by DIMPLES. Again, this is from the same hair batch and so a blend of Indian and Chinese hair. This time, I chose a lighter shade (Toffee Creme rooted) …..and you can see me wearing this wee beauty to the left here.


Marina has more layers cut in to the style, and this allows a long hair style which feels incredibly lightweight, and extremely comfortable to wear whilst still being so feminine and natural. The cap on MARINA is the same as the feather cap seen on the ADELE wig. BEAUTIFUL! You can check out the full review below for the MARINA wig – it is just gorgeous!


THE ONLY POINT I feel I must make – with the MARINA: due to the layering in the cut….. this looks incredibly “beach waved”  when washed and left to hang dry naturally. This is due to the texture of Indian hair, and it looks more pronounced in the Marina than I noticed with the Adele – again, this is due to the numerous layers cut in to MARINA.



 THIS DOES NOT MEAN that the hair is of a substandard quality……



Rather, it is the natural kink in the hair showing. If you want your wig to return to totally straight, please bare in mind that it will require some styling to achieve this (Nothing major, just a hairdryer and some flat irons). For me, I rather enjoy the styling of my hair – so it is enjoyable to spend time using a hairdryer again (its been a long time since I have been able to do this due to the bald!)x


The BRONZE collection is predominantly utilising the design of the FEATHER cap by DIMPLES. This is beautiful indeed to wear. It is lightweight, and so comfortable if you have hairloss…… and, if like me, you have a sensitive scalp – you will know that a lighter weight feel – this is great!



There is one wig called “LIV” in the Bronze collection which has a different cap called “LET GO!” I have not tried this cap, but it looks to be beautiful for those of us with total hair loss, and gives additional security. I hope to save for the “AVA” which also has a “Let go” cap, but is part of the next range of human hair – the UK SILVER collection.


I know this is not too long an article, but rather a quick summary – please do check out the DIMPLES BRONZE Human hair! It is beautiful!


I will be back soon with some musings on the ROSE and the FEATHER collections. Rose and Feather are synthetic collections, and I am really excited to be back to chat more with you guys about these!


Until then, have a look at the DIMPLES WEBSITE and check out the styles for yourself!


There is a range also available in the UK called the SILVER collection – It is European Human Hair, and it does look really beautiful from the photos (one wig is even called Michelle – like me!)…… Currently trying to convince the husband this means I must buy one haha!x


If you are in the USA, you have access to the DIMPLES GOLD COLLECTION which is unprocessed VIRGIN European Human Hair! I am sure that is luxurious! If you have a DIMPLES SILVER OR GOLD – what do you guys think? One day, I shall hope to review for you x



Until next time, sending you all of my love – and at the risk of severely boring you all – here comes a little styling video I have done on my dimples ADELE (this style will work on ANY long wig that you may own)


Loads of love, and hugs,



P.S. Remember – you are beautiful! x



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