Steam Rejuvinating your Synthetic Wig!

Hey gorgeous girlies and guys!

So I know that I’ve previously mentioned steam treatments to rejuvenate an acrylic wig.

“friction frizz” really is the main negative point many find with a long acrylic wig, and there are ways to try avoid this becoming a major problem………

Wig care is so important. I can’t reiterate this enough.

I think that with hairloss, the adjustment to wearing a wig (should you choose to do so)……. can be so incredibly overwhelming.

When your new hair slowly starts to frizz, or matte in ways your biological hair never……… it can be worrying……… and so very heartbreaking.

Most companies will give guidance stating that you’ll get approximately 6-8 weeks of daily wear as an expected lifespan from a Long Wig!

Personally, my favourite products to wash my synthetic hair with would be my Gisela Mayer Shampoo and Balsam. You can buy this online from many wig salons. I’ll insert a link to click and buy. I have previously written an article on wig rejuvenation explaining my fave products. Click here to read 

So what is the benefit of STEAMING A WIG?

So biological hair has an outer cuticle to protect the inner cortex and medulla……. synthetic hair is generally made from acrylic, and does not have this – it is absolutely flat and consistently smooth.

Heat should not be used directly on acrylic wigs, as anything above 74 degrees Centigrade will likely fry/ melt your hair!

The steam allows a coating and some indirect heat application to be applied to the acrylic.

The wig can be absolutely rejuvenated (when done safely).

I have a long wig “JON RENAU ZARA,” which I have had for a year! I believe this is due to the fact I regularly steam my hair when the ends appear friable.


BEWARE!!! There are Rules!

🦋 So one thing I feel it is important to mention here…… please do not get too much steam focussed around the cap area of your wig – especially if the hair is hand tied (single knotted is at most risk) as you can cause the knots to loosen if not careful.

🦋 Ensure the element of the steamer does NOT touch the hair fibres

🦋 Continually move the steamer around the wig………. don’t blast the same area for prolonged periods of time

💙 Obviously steam is water that is no longer liquid state, but gas. As the steam touches your hair at a cooler temp, it cools and becomes liquid state again……. BE CAREFUL BRUSHING WHEN WET!

🦋 REMEMBER…….. steam heating your hair can absolutely Rejuvinate the wig…… HOWEVER it will also change the fibre memory if you restyle when steamed……….

🦋 if your intention is to wave or curl your synthetic wig….. this is fantastic! If you brush out a wavy or curly wig…… this could permanently straighten your hair! 🦋 Although, it is possible to recurl….. that video is for another day x

🦋 there are points to consider before you begin (if you choose to go ahead)….. 🦋

The process is very straight forward. And when done safely, it can be phenomenal! 🌈🦄

Without further ado,
Here comes the video for you all 😘

Lots of 💗,

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