Hey beautiful girlies and guys!

Soooooo, here comes some more chat from the lizard brain that is Michelle!

So the story goes…….. yesterday, I had the pleasure of having my beautiful little niece here to play with my lovely little kiddies…….. we watched a movie….. I made dinner….. the kids played and wanted just “cousin time!” (AKA no adults allowed)…..

Do you ever have these moods whereby you are unsure what on earth you should do? Normally, when I get the frustrating need to do something but do not know what…… I will either read, study, or listen to my rather eclectic music mix. Yesterday, I just could not seem to relax or concentrate – no matter what!

As a child, I believe teachers would tell me to sit down and ask the question “Do You Have ANTS IN YOUR PANTS?” ………….So yeah, yesterday I had ants in my pants!

I know that often people feel the whole “selfie phenomenon,”  that is overtaking social culture is very narcissistic and just plain odd!…… Possibly! (That chat is for another day, however!)  For me – make up is fun and a big part of my adjustment to my changing appearance….. and to the challenging emotions that have come with this.

I feel I am fairly ‘well adjusted‘ (well, as much as a crazy egg can be)……… but makeup is therapeutic…… it is fun to me….. and it helps me to look how I feel!……. and to me, being confident in ones self is beauty.

So what is with that photo, Michelle?

Okay……. so when the kids play, and the husband is out……. what else am I to do? I was browsing through INSTAGRAM  when I saw an advertisement for the upcoming PAT MCGRATH Gold collection. I read through the comments, and felt “I want to be gold!”

SO I WAS! ……

…… I was Gold and Glittery and crazy, and it was so much fun (and a total riot of a clean-up procedure)….. Note to self – maybe less impulsivity in the future, Michelle! haha

IMG_0460 2.jpg

I am not sure of exactly what I wanted to capture with the images, and with the look. However, I began to think about it all when my seven year old daughter said


I started to think about beauty. I began to think about the photo and selfie craze that is our society. The impact of social media, and how it can affect so many minds. Likely myself included.

So are we striving for beauty? WHAT EVEN IS BEAUTY? To me, I believe that everyone in this world has beauty. Beauty is subjective, and looks are (as the cliche goes) “Skin Deep”….. beauty penetrates beneath the surface. Indeed, it begins within and radiates outwards (in my mind).

What I find aesthetically pleasing, may not be to you. And Vice Versa. However, I believe that inner beauty and warmth can radiate from a person. To me, that is what is attractive. That is my definition of beauty.

I believe that in this world of so many cultures, so many amazing and different appearances – it is wondrous.

It is beautiful to me when I see someone go out with no make up and just embrace who they are and their natural self. It is also beautiful to me when I see someone absolutely not fitting in with the “societal norms” of appearance – when they are happy. When they are confident in their own skin and choices of appearance.


When I lost my hair and first had the confidence to “BARE ALL” to the world….. I was so conscious of what people would think when they saw me. Some looked with pity, some looked with horror. Some were inquisitive…And… some didn’t bat an eyelid.

What I did, however, realise was this: My worries and fears were just that – MY own worries. MY own fears!


I was conforming to the idea of a “societal norm” and a “set image of beauty.”


OH NO! I do not look like the average person….. I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A MAGAZINE IMAGE! So does this mean that I am UGLY??? ehhhhm, nope!


 If I go out with no makeup, I often look very unwell and pale – no lashes / brows or hair…… but I can go out fully made up and very “drag” style make up too. Ultimately, I am the same Michelle. I am the same me.

Beauty is multifaceted. There is no one standard…… even if we are conditioned to accept specific criterion for physical beauty……. it does not mean that is true.

I believe that social media can be a wonderful thing in life……. but it can be damaging to many, too. It can place undue pressures upon the vulnerable and young with very open minds that are possibly easily influenced.

I believe that rather than striving to be like what we have been trained to see as beautiful…… we can be our own beautiful. We should get the message out there to our children and young people – our leaders of the future – healthy body image and acceptance of others despite differences is vital!


I once heard a wise comment stating “Black, White, Yellow, Green….. there is only ONE RACE….. The Human Race” I believe this is so true – we have more in common with one another than we do different. We all have a physical and mental being. We have a spiritual being. And at the risk of sounding totally bananas – unless sociopathic, we all have an emotional being too.



I believe that each of us should strive to be the best version of ourselves……. beauty begins within. It begins in the heart. Learning to accept who you are within is a tough call. I am not trying to minimise any emotions anyone may be experiencing….. I promise.

Neither am I stating that it is easy to accept who you are. And I am certainly not implying that I know it all, or have it “sorted” I am human and have many failings.


I have had a rather vast array of emotional ups and downs. Many very low times that the majority know nothing of. However, I am learning to accept that I am me. You are you. You are beautiful.

Kindness is not always easy, but in a society where so many are so emotionally vulnerable, we should always be kind. And see the beauty in others. It is always there. I believe that to be totally true.

I have begun to spin off at a tangent. (Lack of sleep / insomniac and all that)…….

Embrace who you are. If there is something you dislike and consider your worst physical feature – stare at it and think – this can be my BEST feature – my defining feature…… if there is something inside that challenges you emotionally, seek help if you are struggling. We live in a society whereby we have the privilege of accessible support from many charities and organisations.

You are unique, You are Beautiful. There is Only ONE of YOU in the world. That is really truly special. If you can embrace who you are – that is true beauty. Be Your Own Beautiful. You are a gift to this world

Sending you all much Love and wishing you peace,

Until next time….. later alligator!

Love and Hugs,





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