HAIRWARE Natural Collection Wigs


Hi guys,

This is another wee article for those wee wig lovers / wearers amongst us.

So recently, I had contacted HAIRWARE. So who are hairware? Well, they are the UK supplier of the NATURAL COLLECTION, CALIFORNIA COLLECTION &a REVLON wigs / hair wear.

Sooooooo this wee article is specifically just some information on my experience with a few of the HAIRWARE NATURAL COLLECTION wigs.

So my thinking?

Well firstly, my absolute favourite thing to mention here are the incredible shade ranges available!!!!

Hannah (director) sent me 8 wigs to try, and each was in a different shade. I fell in love with every single shade! Honestly, just wonderful!!!

I think my favourite is the LIGHT RED!

Below is a photo of the HAIRWARE NETTLE WIG

The beautiful Hannah has kindly given me this wig, and I’ve honestly just fallen in love! The wig is curly, long….. mono top and lace front!!!

If you’d like to see a review…… watch below…… or skip ahead to see more!

more styles and shades are available! The HAIRWARE NATURAL COLLECTION wigs are all very well priced, and affordable.

CAP CONSTRUCTION wise varies from wig to wig. Some have a mono top, some not. Some lace front, and some not….. it’s all dependent on style.

Whether you like long or short, I believe that you’ll find something you can love and afford !!!

For a quick snippet view – I produced a very quick snap of a few wigs from the range…….. enjoy!!!

As always, remember that you’re beautiful and special!!!! Be kind to yourself, and be the best you!

All my love,



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