WIG TIPS: Root / balayage / ombré time for your synthetic!

Okay, so many may think I’m a little bananas! (Yes, I am!)

So the majority of the planet who have hair (as we baldies say…… “bio hair”)……. likely, colouring your hair is to hide the roots……

If you are like me, and your hair comes in boxes rather than in follicles…….. sometimes it can be nice to “add roots” to your hair, for a natural appearance.

So if you have a Human Hair wig, it’s easy to have roots added, or a “root drag” done…….. with a synthetic wig…….. if the shade you love comes unrooted…… no hassle…….. you can temporarily add roots to your hair with NO DAMAGE to your hair!


There are methods whereby you can add roots on a more permanent basis to your acrylic wig, however it does compromise the integrity of the fibre! This is a no hassle, no risk temporary method…… it can also be used on human hair wigs x *Happy Dance* 💃🏻

Okay, so what do you need?

🦋One wig

🦋 eyeshadow or brow powder in the shade of roots CHEAP SUGGESTION HERE

🦋 if balayage or ombré….. powder contour palette SUGGESTED HERE

🦋 hair colouring brush or eyeshadow brushes BUY HERE



1. Wet the wig where wanting to add colour

2. Start from roots…… apply darkest shade with brush

3. Apply next shade to lower strand levels

4. When finished brush wig through…..

5. Use wig safe hairspray to seal in shadow, ton ensure it doesn’t budge until washed! VOILA


Let me know if you try this guys!!!! If you’re in need of a new wig.….. I have a recommendation for all of you…… a long bob…… fully hand tied with lace front! Cheaper than most wigs out there and 100% michelle approved!!!! Ships worldwide from here

Buy the above wig HERE

See the review for this wig:


💗For bargain prices on some makeup (as well as perfume obviously), why not check out:

💗 http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk

💗 http://www.cultbeauty.co.uk

🦋 for amazing wigs and all things related: http://tidd.ly/2716c831


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