Wee wig wedding style

Do you ever have an occasion to go to, or feel you want to style your wig, but don’t know how to?

Just playing around, I decided to find a way to give the look of a braided “updo” style without the “fiddling around,” that I know can be frustrating at times.

🌈What you need:

🦋 WIG SAFE BRUSH http://tidd.ly/7ee4e7df

🦋 HAIR ELASTICS (about 20, fine)


And without further ado….. here it comes:

Lots of love,





  1. Hi Michelle! I️ love watching your wig reviews on YouTube and reading your blogs! As someone that has Alopecia universal I️ wear wigs daily so trying to find ones that last and look natural it’s hard to do!! But thanks to you I️ find a lot of great information..I️ normally wear the “Stevie” by amore. You have mentioned before that you love the quality of the fibers which I️ agree 100% every time I️ get a different brand I’m let down bcuz the quality of the fibers doesn’t compare. My question to u is have u since your old YouTube review of the Stevie found anything that compares in fiber quality?? I’m in the market for a new wig and I’m feeling tempted to try a new style. I’ve been wearing mainly the Stevie style for about 10 years and have to buy a new one about every 6 months..I’m very careful with my wigs and wash and steam them regularly to get the most use I️ can out of them..I’d love your feedback!!!


    • Hi Jeanne!!! Personally, I have to say that the Jon Renau Brand is just amazing! I do tend to wear Jon Renau more than anything nowadays.

      The fibre is phenomenal, and the lace fronts are beautiful x

      I have started a wee business – predominantly online sales…… Jon Renau are a brand I stock, and I do love x I do stock rene of Paris as well x

      If ever I can help you out, just drop me a wee email x

      I 💗 the Zara by Jon Renau, but there are so many amazing styles x



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