WIG MODEL?!x #LondonBaby with HOTHAIR!!!

Hey beautiful girlies and guys!

So this is all a little “higgle-de-piggle” and back to front…..

I have yet to publish my post on the previous weekend of the Alopecia UK trip, but I want to post here about my weekend just past!

#LONDONBABY with my wee bestest buddy – my very special Dadio!

So Thursday night, my wee Dadio and I set off to London! We had a late flight – which turned out to be boarded and with a 2 hour delay………. and then and extra 45 mins before disembarking! Oh the joys! X

Anyway, I digress! So we arrive at a gorgeous hotel (THANK YOU HOTHAIR!) and have a few hours sleep in prep for my shoot the next day!

So how did this all come about? Why me for a model?

Wellllllll……… this is all very exciting!

So the Daxbourne Group (Natural Image/ hothair)……. have kindly sent me some hair to review for others out there with hairloss …… and I’ve been so honoured!

Natural Image Wigs have their own collection of wigs, but also sell third party brands…….. So they decided that rather than use models who wouldn’t necessarily wear hair…….. they would invite me and the Beautiful Zoe to model for their new capsule collection!

I have Alopecia as you may know, and Zoe lost her hair in 2014 following chemotherapy for Hodgkins Lymphoma. What an inspiring woman she really is!

OKAY, So i guess that often we are so used to seeing mainstream models wear wigs…… that we often can feel even more challenged with appearance / “identity issues” that come alongside hairloss.

I just love and respect DAXBOURNE for the fact that they wanted to use REAL people!

Zoe is gorgeous. beautiful inside and out……. I am just a crazy girl who loves anything alopecia and supporting others.

I am overweight and facially just very average, so I am definitely not what you’d see in a magazine…….. but I honestly love that we have brands beginning to challenge this misconception of a standardised physical aesthetic / image of beauty! BEAUTY IS MULTIFACETED!!!

Hats off to you, Daxbourne (or should that be wigs?) 😜😂😘

I hope that the team enjoyed the session as much as I know I did! Thank you guys!!!! What a lot of hard work, and so much effort! It’s been amazing! And I hope this is the start of more exciting times to come between us as well x

alopecia has really given me a new lease of life (strange, I know)……..

Without totally boring anyone any further, I shall head offski!

Before I do, I want to just say a huge thank you also to my amazing family……. and my travel buddy: my Dadio!!!! The first man in my life, and just my hero. I love you, Dad! No matter what, you always look at me with those loving and supportive big blue eyes!

Really, I shall go now!

And I shall leave you with my wee short Video Log of our trip!x x x x

All my love,



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