Paula Young “SHEER HEIDI” wig!

Hey lovelies!

Okay, so I have decided that I may start a wee written blog on each of the wigs I’ve had and reviewed! (This may take some time…… hold on to your pants!) 😜

So I have decided that I shall be starting with the PAULA YOUNG “SHEER HEIDI” which I currently own in the shade “soft silvery moon”

If you’d rather see the video and hear my incessant chat, I shall pop it below…..

Okay!!! So why this hair? Welllllllll…….. I was asked by Rosie (of Daxbourne) to choose a wig, and I thought

“I want to review something of a brand I’ve never tried……… “

Until now, I’d never tried paula young! Oooooh how crazy am I?! (HINT: bananas crazy! 🍌)

This hair is lightweight, the cap is well constructed: FULLY HAND TIED, MONOFILAMENT TOP, and LACE FRONT…… leading to an extremely natural and realistic look!

I also decided to go for a shade i have never tried previously! Let’s go Grey! “Soft silvery moon” LIFE CHANGING!!!


Here are some poser pics of moi wearing this amazing hair!!!!!!!

Soooooooo, this is just phenomenal! The knotting is strong and multi directional free parting, which allows for absolute versatility in styling!



OVERALL LENGTH: 12.5 inches

FRINGE (bangs): 9- 12.5 inches

CROWN: 9 inches

NAPE: 5.5 inches

The nape of this wig is EXTENDED for more coverage. Initially, this was a worry for me in case it was baggy, but it conforms BEAUTIFULLY!!! #BaldGirlGoals

The fibres are WHISPERLITE technology and i absolutely DO feel them lightweight and notice a real difference in how cool and light this is!

The lace front is so natural; that every time I wear this….. my wee Dadio is still amazed that the front looks like the hair is coming from a follicle!!!!FANCY!


Sooooo I usually say you get what you pay for…… NOT WITH THIS…… SORRY, paula young…….


So my thoughts? EVERYONE NEEDS A SHEER HEIDI! If you want to check out this hair, please do click the link and have a look!!!! I shall be back soon to show it in another shade!x 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋


Until next time, be kind to yourself…… you’re special and amazing!

All my love,


(AKA #BaldBarbie)


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