Jon Renau “CAMILLA” Fall 2017 Collection

Oooooooh guys! Guyyyyyyys!!!!

I have such an exciting time, and this wig here is a big part to play!

I went to Parrucche in a Glasgow, and had asked for a couple of wigs to be ordered in……… as I was there, I said to the owner “Melanie, do you have the new Jon Renau Collection?” ……… and so, I tried all of them on, and left with CAMILLA!!!!

soooooo why is this so exciting? WELL, let me just tell you!


– LENGTH: Long wig, with side swept bangs / fringe – minimal layering

– SHADES: all the gorgeous colours we 💗 from Jon Renau– CAP: – DOUBLE MONOFILAMENT top (silky!) – POLYURETHANE front strip (adherence) (no lace front – but no issue) – FULLY HAND TIED cap, with hand tied stretch section!– DENSITY: extremely natural lightweight – PARTING: Freestyle knotted – so up to you!FIBRE: Synthetic, Modacrylic DO I HAVE REGRETS on this wee choice? NOOOOOOO! Only that I can’t afford every shade 😂 x

I do 💗 this, and it is very easy to work with and style / tie up to a ponytail if that is what you 💗 x

No matter where this wee baby is parted, your scalp will pop through to say “hello!” It looks like the hair is coming from my wee bald head!

I hope this is helpful for you guys!

I have some SUPER DOOPER news, and I’m dying to tell everyone……… I shall return soon with that information and share the 💗 and excitement for you!

Sending all my 💗 as always,



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