Paula Young “SHEER DRAMA” wig

Hey beautiful girlies and guysies!

So this is an extremely short wig review type blog post!

The wig to view and buy: Click HERE for a bargain!

Thinking of the upcoming Thanksgiving (for you USA 🇺🇸 gorgeous girlies and guys)……. and Christmas 🎄 (not too far away)…….. I was sent this amazing hair by ROSIE of Daxbourne! (Thank you, Rosie!)

Why thinking of Christmas? Well…….. it’s an extremely easy to wear and style as a super quick updo for a night out / meal!


LENGTH: Medium / Shoulder

STYLE: Curly / Wavy


– Standard front hairline (with side swept bangs/fringe)

– Hand tied top / crown / sides / upper back

– Covered Wefts along nape and lower back (super comfy!)

– HAIR: Synthetic “WHISPERLITE” Modacrylic


So what do I think?

– if you NEED a lace front, this is not for you


– if you love a bargain, this IS for you

– if you just 💗 a natural and versatile parting – this baby has it!

– if you 💗 curls and stylish updo but don’t have time to play around – this baby is your answer!

– if you hate Wefts:

– this has Wefts HOWEVER :

– wefts covered with the softest


Soooo much Hand tying going down that once again, it’s a wee bargain!

If you’d like to hear some of my crazy chat and a full view of this cap: Inside / Outside / Back / front – JUST CLICK HERE

All my 💗 as always,



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