Hey Beautiful Girlies and Guysies!!!

So I am super dooper mega excited to announce……… I have LAUNCHED IN BUSINESS!!!!! 

For a while, I have wondered how to use my personal struggle with hair loss to help others. To see my alopecia as a real opportunity to take another step in this life, and use all of my knowledge of alternative hair in a way that can support others.

MiMo Wigs was born!!! So what is MiMo Wigs? Well I have predominantly set up an e-commerce business (online shop) selling wigs and headwear from brands in which I believe! (some on site, some yet to be added) x


I will always aim to be cost effective and price match where practicably possible. There will be handy hints / tips / videos as always via my YouTube channel, and I will be offering SKYPE consultations for those looking for a wig consultation, but who do not live in close proximity to MiMo Wigs Ltd.


I am currently an authorised distributor for Jon Renau (as well as Jon Renau Custom and Evolution certified), Ellen Wille, Trendco, Rene of Paris (including Noriko and Amore) wigs. Obviously, I will be selling MASUMI headwear (proud ambassador and all that!)


Whether you are looking for hair on a budget, or luxury custom made hair…….. MiMo would be honoured to assist you, and help you with advice / recommendation and provide you with some brand new hair!!!!


For anyone looking for a discount on some hair – the opening offer is for Jon Renau BLAKE wig, and I am currently offering 20% off on purchases made before 13th November, 2017.  VIEW AND BUY BLAKE BY JON RENAU


If you are living in the UK and exempt from paying UK VAT due to medical hairloss, you can use code BLAKE20VATEXEMPT. If you are subject to tax, you can receive 20% discount using code BLAKE20 (below is BLAKE)

MiMo Circle LogoScreen Shot 2017-11-06 at 17.53.19

You are unique, You are Beautiful….. You are a gift to this world. #BeYourOwnBeautiful


Lots of Love,

Michelle (AKA MiMo)

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


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