All things ALOPECIA life

6. TO SHAVE OR NOT TO SHAVE?!  So when we begin to lose our hair – what do we do? Should we cling to our beautiful remaining locks, or should we “brave the shave”? Is there actually a right decision?…..


5. INSPIRATION – MY FRIEND, CARLY – A little about someone special who has touched the lives of many – including me! A little about this lady, and her mission to help all!
4. MY PAL AL Light hearted fun about some upsides of Alopecia!


3. NEW TO HAIRLOSS? if you are new to losing your hair – it can be traumatic! Whether one small patch or full loss….. I hope this may help.


2. ALOPECIA AREATA TREATMENTS:  some rambling from a personal viewpoint on summary of treatment for AA (including AT,AU). Did I have treatment? why and why not?


1. HAIRLOSS – Worse for a Woman?…. my musings            My adaptation to the change in appearance. Is it Worse for one gender?……my quick answer – no….. why?…. read on….