All things HEADWEAR

I have a newfound 💗 for head wear – thanks to the phenomenal AVAKINO brand – MASUMI headwear 💗

4. BRAND AMBASSADOR (MASUMI) : so alopecia brought me such an incredible opportunity, and I have the HONOUR to be the Brand Ambassador for the phenomenal brand MASUMI HEADWEAR! read more ……

3. img_4753When THREE become ONE : how to take 3 of your basic rectangular scarves, and make one new fancy styled head wrap! It’s easier than it looks! Read more…….


2. HOW TO: tie your headscarves Just a wee bit of chat about headscarves and a couple of videos thrown in for good measure! Read More…..


1. HEADWEAR – is it for you?!  My newest experience… I was never a headwear girl….. if you’ve only recently met me- I know that will come as a shock – but what changed my tune? Read More…….