Home – Diary of a Bald Barbie

Hi guys!

So my  name is Michelle – I am 35, and developed alopecia areata – more specifically, Alopecia Universalis (autoimmune alopecia: yep, my immune system eats my hair…… what does yours do?)… in 2015 at 33 years old…… I went bald! Bald as an egg!

Initially, I saw my hairloss as a curse – it has been a real roller coaster of emotion…… However, I feel that alopecia may be one of the biggest blessings I have ever had…… not just because a shower now takes literally 2 minutes……. but I have met so many beautiful people on my journey! Amazing and beautiful friends x

I am married, and a mummy to the 4 BEST babies on the planet. I have an amazing group of family and friends……. and I am so blessed. Below is a photo of my crew – yep, these kiddies are just everything to me…… and make me proud every day! Cheeeesey! Yes, I am driven up the wall by them – and they are by me at times…… being honest…… but these 4 amazing little people are my reason for everything!

So, if you want to read some wacky, crazy, silly chat – listen to my cheesy jokes and musing on life….. and hear about all addictions of mine from make up / wigs / headwear to general nonsense…….. welcome to the diary of a Bald Barbie!


All my Love,

Michelle (AKA MicheMoffatt#BaldBarbie)



PS. If I look familiar……… you’re maybe thinking of my twin …..20160617_194401


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